This project was launched in September 2013 and completed early 2015 - made possible by a Commonwealth Community Environment Grants Program and assistance from the Moorabool Landcare Network.

It was designed to encourage community involvement in protecting remnant vegetation, improving biodiversity corridors and revegetating urban and riparian zones (waterways).

The opportunity was promoted with members and other local groups in the area and there was plenty of interest from landholders keen to improve their local environment.

Landowners were involved in the planning which included a demonstration of the direct seeding operation, sourcing local plants and subsequent planting program.

Many thanks to the 15 landowners involved, the Balliang Hall Committee and other landcarers for their generous support and contributions over the last 18 months.

CEG projects included small to large properties

  • improving and connecting remnant vegetation

  • managing weeds

  • planting trees/shrubs/groundcover from this area

  • creating windbreaks/shelterbelts

  • controlling erosion

This work is important as it builds on the successful work carried out in the upper Little River catchment area by the Little River Revegetation Project.  The new project involved additional properties and landowners with the original biolink being extended towards the Brisbane Ranges National Park, Balliang township and also downstream from the original area.

Melbourne Water again assisted several landowners with works along waterways.