This has been our major landscape scale project to deliver on-ground works for enhancing the environmental, social and economic values of the upper Little River Catchment area by improving connectivity/biolinks of existing vegetation of the Brisbane Ranges National Park and the Little River. Funding has been provided by a grant from Vision for Werribee Plains program and co funded by Melbourne Water .

Landowners along the Little River have been extensively fencing along the river, removing and managing weeds, encouraging regeneration and revegetating with indigenous plantings.  In all some 15 km of the Little River frontage is involved in this project.

Andrew Prime, project coordinator, completed the final report of the Little River Project in November 2014. This was the largest revegetation effort ever undertaken by our Landcare group with superb support, both in terms of funding and expertise, from Melbourne Water, Vision for Werribee Plains, CMA and the Commonwealth Government.

Among the highlights of the program:

  • eight landowners actively involved

  • approximately 15,000 trees and grasses planted

  • 15 km of Little River frontage fenced off

  • project expenditure $283,000

Congratulations to Andrew Prime, Allan Bartholomew, James Bufton, our former President John Anderson, other members of BRLG involved, as well as the eight participating landowners. We particularly thank Max Coster, Lloyd Stanway and Sam Bailey from the supporting agencies.


This biolink project is being extended through the new funding received in 2013 for the Brisbane Ranges - Port Philip Bay Biolink.

There have now been a number of groups who have toured the site to see the excellent progress of this project. 

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